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Rise of the Tigers

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“The Rise of the Tigers” is a book that documents the early stages of the LTTE. Conviction, loyalty and courage are the key factors in a liberation struggle. Through this book it becomes apparent that the LTTE had all of these attributes.



“The Rise of the Tigers” describes the period from 1972-1983 when the Black July pogrom commenced. As a result of this pogrom, thousends of Tamil youth joined the armed struggle. However, even before that, a small group of Tamil militant youth had waged a war against the Sri Lankan genocidal state. Conviction, loyalty and courage were the main strengths of the LTTE. Despite being a small group, they challenged the state with these very strengths. The book is contains; a timeline of this period, information about four influential maveerars from that time, eye-witness accounts of the famous Thirunelveli Attack, a list of the 30 members of the LTTE from that period, additional information and an appendix with various core-documents.


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