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For the Liberation of my People

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“For the Liberation of my People” (FTLoMP) is a book where; interviews, speeches and letters from the National leader of Tamil Eelam, V. Prabhakaran are compiled. Through reading this book, the reader is able to gain an understanding of the mind of one of the greatest liberation fighters of our life-time.



The National Leader of Tamil Eelam, V. Prabhakaran is a symbol of resistance for all of the Tamils around the world. He has built one of the greatest liberation movements in global history. Even after its destruction 11 years ago, the LTTE is unmatched. But there is little known about this man. He is pictured as a warlord, who did not have any political knowledge or philosophy. However this book, FTLoMP, was released in 1994 in Tamil Eelam and had complied his interviews, speeches and letters between the period of 1984-1993. 25 years later, Phoenix TNG re-released it to coincide with the date of the historical “Suthumalai Speech”. Whilst this book does not generate a full picture of understanding about this man, it is a starting point. There are 66 chapters in this book which touch various subjects related to the Tamil struggle.


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